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Ohio Conservatory of Ballet Testimonials

Gwynedd Vetter-Drusch
The summer after I turned 16, I saw my dancing take a leap forward...

Sophia Salingaros, From St. Antonio TX
This is the best summer session I have ever been to...

Amanda Montemayor of Spain
The Ohio Conservatory of Ballet offers the best training in NE Ohio...

Norm Regimbal
I'm compelled to say that Inna has come from a first rate ballet background.

Mackenzie Cunningham:
The recital was beautiful!! Inna's your choreography is amazing!

Emily Elizabeth Galloway:
I have trained with many great and famous teachers over the years, but I would say Inna Stabrova has impacted and changed me the most as a dancer.

Carly Preston:
The Ohio conservatory of ballet is a completely rare ballet studio in Ohio.

Norm Regimbal:
After several years of observation I have come to the conclusion that The Ohio Conservatory of Ballet is one of the finest ballet dance schools in North East Ohio.

Makayla Robinson:
Inna and Dimitry are amazing and they've helped me improve so much!

Diana Lea-Dughi:
I am a former student of Inna Stabrova. She is an excellent ballet teacher.

Shanel O'Connor:
I've only taken ballet from Inna and Dmitriy for about 4 years and this has been one of the greatest expierences of my life!

Allie Hoffer:
OCB is amazing!!!

Olivia Posladek
You will not find another ballet school in Ohio nearly as outstanding as the Ohio Conservatory of Ballet!

Norm Regimbal
First I would like to thank Inna and Dmitriy for all their hard work, energy and sacrifices...

Sara Elizabeth Gaydash
Ohio Conservatory of Ballet has the best training in NE Ohio!

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