Ohio Conservatory of Ballet

The Ohio Conservatory of Ballet is one of the most highly prestigious ballet schools in Ohio. It was opened in 2000 by couple Inna Stabrova and Dmitriy Tuboltsev. In 2017 Ohio Conservatory of Ballet was awarded Outstanding School Award from Youth America Grand Prix. Both Inna and Dmitriy trained in Russia where they graduated from the renowned State Vaganova Ballet Academy in St. Petersburg. They have both performed in numerous principal roles all over the world, and since their start of teaching, have trained many students to go on to college levels and professional levels of dance.

Our students come from Cleveland, Akron, Green, Wooster, Canton, Ashland and Alliance Ohio to take classes from outstanding faculty that holds diploma of master degree in teaching dance: classical Ballet, pointe, character dance, baroque dance, partnering and more. During the summer session we have students from out of state taking our summer courses in Vaganova method.

  • Address:
    4858 South Main St.
    Akron, OH 44319
  • 330-497-3288
Ohio Conservatory of Ballet Weekly Schedule
Fall schedule contact: istabrova@aol.com

Fall schedule 2020 please contact Inna Stabrova at istabrova@aol.com
For classes online contact Inna Stabrova at istabrova@aol.com
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All ballet students dress Code.

All ballet students' long hair must be worn in a classical bu. All female ballet students need to wear pink tights and pink split sole ballet shoes. Leotards colors are allowed: black, burgundy, blue, royal blue, dark purple, light pink (for younger students.)

Boys wear white fitted T-shirts, black shorts or black tights, socks (if needed) and black or white ballet shoes.

No baggy pants or T-shirts are allowed in class. We encourage you to wear a professional warm-up dance sweater and leg warmers if needed.