The only school in Northeast Ohio that teaches Vaganova Russian method.
Vaganova Academy of Russian Ballet (International Program)...

The Ohio Conservatory of Ballet is the only school in Northeast Ohio that teaches Vaganova Russian method (International Program). Owners and faculty members Owners Inna Stabrova and Dmitriy Tuboltsev both graduated from the acclaimed Vaganova Academy of Russian Ballet.

In 2017 Ohio Conservatory of Ballet was Awared Outstanding School Award from Youth America Grand Prix

They both hold a master degree accredited in the US by Foreign Consultants Inc.

The Vaganova method is a method of teaching classical ballet that was developed by Agrippina Vaganova over one hundred years ago as an effort to reform the old imperial style of ballet teaching practiced in Russia at that time. This method fused the romantic style of the French ballet and dramatic soulfulness of the Russian character with the athletic virtuosity that characterizes the Italian school.

The Vaganova Method's codified technical approach thus makes for injury-free training emphasizing the simultaneous development of both technical proficiency and individual artistry, and a complete range of movemental expression that comes out of proper placement and a strong classical dance foundation.

This scientifically proven method involves the systematic study of all ballet movements by breaking them down into their separate elements and is characterized by impeccable precision, attention to detail, ease of execution, emotion-evoking grace, and individual creativity.

Early training focuses on epaulement, or the stylised turning of the shoulders and body, which is partnered with the development of total stability and strength in the back to produce harmonious coordination of the body and continuity of movement. This core of strength enables consistently precise, easy movement of the body; the training in epaulement, in turn, instills in the dancer an intuitive anticipation of how best to use every part of his or her body to evoke breathtaking results, right down to the hands and eyes. The Vaganova method is considered to be very clean, with precise movements that express clean lines yet softness underneath.